Transformer Evacuation Systems BV Series

Transformer evacuation system model BV-3000 is designed for evacuation of power transformer tanks and for vacuum drying of electrical apparatus as well. It can also be used together with transformer oil purification plants.Transformer evacuation system consists of double stage vacuum pump group (three backing vacuum pumps and booster vacuum pump).

Inline Oil Heaters PPM Series

Aforementioned oils and liquids should be of less than 70 cSt kinematical viscosity at the temperature of 50°C. Oil Heater CMM-P is also used for heating of petroleum products in the petroleum refining industry, and can also be used for heating liquids of high muddiness rate (sand, slime, etc.)

Air Dryers “Sukhoway” Series

The air drying plant «Sukhovey-4» is designed for air drying as well as for purification of mechanical contaminants. Air entering the plant is utilized for blowing tanks of power transformers and electrical machines during their assembling, maintenance and servicing.

Tap Changer Filling Units UVD

This oil filling vacuum plant is designed for preparation (degassing,) storage and transportation of transformer oil as well as for feeding high-voltage bushings of transformers and switches with transformer oil. The plant is for use in power stations, power substations and other sectors of the energy industry. The plant enables piston oil filling which prevents air from entering the oil.

Zeolite drying cabinet

SSC-15 cabinet is for electric power utilities and gas processing plants. This device is designed for preliminary drying zeolite, used for deep dehydration of fuel oils and natural gas.

Transformer Safety System (TSS)

This device is connected to the upper and lower ports of transformer. Each gateway is equipped with an automated valve. In the event of any emergency situation, such as oil leakage, valves could be disconnected from a power transformer unit.