Tap changer filling units UVD

Tap changer filling units UVD



This oil filling vacuum plant is designed for preparation (degassing,) storage and transportation of transformer oil as well as for feeding high-voltage bushings of transformers and switches with transformer oil. The plant is for use in power stations, power substations and other sectors of the energy industry. The plant enables piston oil filling which prevents air from entering the oil.

 Technical parameters Value for UVD-4M
 Amount of prepared oil, dm3, min  30
 Oil amount in the filling block  40
 Residual pressure in the degassing block, Pa  67
 Pressure of bushing input oil, mPa, max  04
 Maximum power consumption, kW  03
 Three-phase alternating current voltage @ 50/60 Hz, V  220/110
 Dimensions, mm, (length/width/height)  810/630/1400
 Weight, kg  80

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