TSS – Safety System for Connection of Oil Filtration Unit to Power Transformer

Companies maintaining and repairing oil filtration system for power transformers would benefit from TSS  (Transformer Safety System) – the device for monitoring of dielectric oil level in powered transformer during oil maintenance (oil reclamation, oil degassing, oil purification, etc.)

This device is connected to the upper and lower ports of transformer. Each gateway is equipped with an automated valve. In the event of any emergency situation, such as oil leakage, valves could be disconnected from a power transformer unit.

Also the secure connection system has an oil level sensor in the transformer tank. The operator can set values for the upper and lower  parameters. When the oil exceeds or lowers the values entered – the sensor issues a command that closes the processing of oil in the transformer.

To protect against false alarms of gas relay TSS system is equipped with air-relief valve. It gets rid of the air, which sometimes gets into connecting hoses.

TSS – secure connection system of oil filtration systems to power transformers are available both standard and customized models. In the first case, the equipment can be bought directly from the warehouse, and in the second – it is made within 45 working days. Production of GlobeCore is based on Poltava, Ukraine.

If you are:

  • Owner of business specializing in maintenance and repair of power transformers. Do you value your reputation and  interested in providing great services to electric utilities?;
  • Supply Department specialist. providing cost-effective preventive and predictive maintenance solutions to help ensure the reliability of all transformers.
  • Engineer providing transformer commissioning and startup services, installations, replacements and upgrades.
  • Oner of Waste oil recycling machine who want to start to maintenance powered transformers.

Over the years GlobeCore established friendly (both corporate and personal) relationships with its clients. We are always ready to provide any assistance in terms of startup and adjusting of equipment and training your personnel.

What do you need – to start our equipment working for you?

  • Call us or send us an email to discuss your order;
  • Our qualified personnel will offer specifications and prices and set the production time;
  • Our stuff will be happy to  meet  you at our offices;
  • Our engineers will come to you to start up the station at your enterprise.

TSS (Transformer Safety System) connects  the following units  to  transformer:

  • transformer oil filtering equipment;
  • transformer oil degassing systems;
  • transformer oil drying units.

The advantages of TSS secure connection system of oil filtration units to  transformer:

  • Autonomous system connects units of GlobeCore and of other manufacturers;
  • Works with transformer under voltage;
  • Used with stations for cleaning, filtration, oil reclamation and regeneration of transformer oil;
  • Quick connection. With experience it only takes 5 minutes;
  • Remote control  can be attached to the unit (temporarily or permanently), and to the special support;
  • Customised GSM-module supports mobile communications.

Frequently asked questions:

1) What is included in the basic set?

It includes a control cabinet, two cross-pieces (the gateway) with the valves, oil level sensor and a set of cables.

2) How long does it take to make an individual order?

An individual order does not exceed 45 days.

3) What is the warranty period?

Warranty period on the equipment is usually 12 months.

If you have any questions, representatives of our company are always ready to help. Please call or e-mail us.