Oil degassing

A question for many is what transformer oil is, what it consists of and what are its main functions inside the transformer. Transformer oil is a type of insulation oil made by fractination of crude oil. It mostly consists of parrafin, saturated oil hydrocarbons and many other components.

The main functions of transformer oil are:

  1. Insulation. Transformer oil is a better dielectric than air. Insulation covered with oil not only performs better, but is also protected from erosion.

  2. Heat dissipation. Transformer generates a lot of heat, so the oil is used as a coolant. The oil is essential to correct operation of a transformer.

  3. Transformer oil is essential for arc interruption and extends transformer lifetime.


The most common contaminants, apart from gas, are water and solid particles. Degassing also helps to remove water molecules from the oil.

The first question is why transformer oil degassing is necessary? The gases solved in the oil can cause sparks, arcing, corona and, of course, overheating, which degrade equipment efficiency and shortens transformer service life. Besides, water in the oil decreases oil’s dielectric strength.

In the future, with the ever increasing standard requirements for distribution transformers, the need for efficient degassing will continue to grow. Gas exists in the oil in the form of separate or attached molecules, invisible to the naked eye.

The main technique for removal of gas from the oil is pressure decrease. As pressure drops, the molecules gather together and the gas starts to form into bubbles. The bubbles grow as pressure decreases and float to the oil’s surface or are pushed through the coagulant.

To ensure efficient function of transformers, proper and timely purification of oil from gas and solids is essential. All the processes inside the transformer degrade the oil, which may lead to many malfunctions and problems with equipment.



УВБ-1 (ролет)(ПНГ)

Fuller’s earth oil regeneration plant CMM-R

Comparing to older technology where Fuller’s Earth is used only once and then must be disposed of together with oil and harmful contaminants, CMM-R plants utilize the principle of sorbent (Fullers Earth) reactivation and have a number of unique features


Mineral oil regeneration plant UVR-450/16 (single block system)

Oil regeneration plant UVR

Mobile oil reclamation units are categorized according to their
regeneration process:

  • mobile oil unit СММ-R (UVR) – for oil regeneration by means of whitening argils with the following filtration;
  • mobile oil unit СММ-R (URМ) – for oil regeneration by means of whitening argils with the following filtration;
  • mobile oil unit СММ-R – for oil regeneration by means of whitening argils with the following sorbent reactivation.
CMM-3,5 frontview

Zeolite&silicagel oil regeneration plant CMM-Z

The unit may be used for installation, repairs and operation of oil filled high voltage equipment with the voltage no more than 1150 kV (power transformers, high voltage switch gears etc)


МЦУ-7 У1



Single section oil reclamation plant MCU

Mobile oil recycling station CMM-U is designed for purification of insulating oils from mechanical contaminants, water and acid. Oil viscosity should not exceed 70 cSt under the temperature of 500 C. This oil treatment unit can be used while assembling, maintaining and service works of oil-filled high-voltage equipment (such as power transformers, high voltage switches, turbines etc.) of less than 1150 kV voltage.





Adsorbent reactivation and preparation unit BRPS

The BRPC plant (adsorbent reactivation and preparation block) is designed for adsorbent steam washing, moisture removal off the adsorbent by means of thermal desorption enabled by especial electric heaters as well as adsorbent vacuumizing.





СММ-4RP Sorbent Reactivation Unit

Sorbents in use gradually lose adsorption capabilities and reach an equilibrium, when the adsorption process stops entirely. In this case, the sorbent must either be replaced or reconditioned. The latter option is preferable, reducing the cost of procuring new and disposing of the old sorbent, as well as cutting transportation expenses. To solve task of waste sorbent reactivation, GlobeCore has developed the СММ-4RP unit.


Transformer Oil Regeneration System

Using molecular sieve Fuller’s Earth.

The GlobeCore CMM-R system is designed for facilities related to generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. The CMM-R mobile oil units by GlobeCore provide transformer service life extention, improve and extend performance of oil filled switches and other oil filled equipment by restoring dielectric strength and chemical composition of dielectric insulating oils.


The manufacturer

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