High Vacuum Portable Oil Degassing Machine CMM-8 (capacity 8000 LPH)

Portable oil degassing machine is designer to restore dielectric oil to new like condition.

portable oil degassing machine Globecore CMM 8 (UVM)

Global environmental pollution from waste of various origins is a problem that requires global solutions.  Some of the worst pollutants are waste oil products.  Long term storage of such material is not practical due to the capacity limits of the storage facilities, as well as the toxicity and flammability of the materials.  Dumping waste oils into the environment is extremely hazardous causing wildlife deaths, polluting water sources, and raising the risk of cancer in humans and anthologies for newborns.

GlobeCore offers highly efficient solutions to the environmental pollution problem caused by use of transformer oil.  The idea is to regularly check the purity and performance levels of dielectric insulating fluids and taking timely measures to remove gas and particulate matter from them.

Transformer oils are used under heavy operating conditions and are subjected to high temperatures and oxidation hazards found in he air.  These factors can combine to accelerate the aging process.  The oil loses its dielectric strength leading to transformer insulation failures and unscheduled transformer down time.  Energy companies experience financial losses, while the average consumer is left without electrical power.

The GlobeCore CMM-8 portable oil degassing machine is designed for degassing, removal of particulate matter and heating of transformer oil for transformers with voltage up to 1150 kV.  The unit can be used to (1) heat oil-filled electrical systems with hot transformer oil; (2) dry out transformers under vacuum; and (3) vacuumize transformers.  This product is used for transformer installation and for preventive and corrective maintenance by service providers that need to process transformer oils.  Timely processing of the oil will extend the service life of dielectric fluids by keeping their performance characteristicss up to acceptable service levels.

Any technology process has its specific features, and GlobeCore is always prepared to manufacture customized transformer oil purification products.  If a stock model is purchased, the unit is shipped directly from the company’s warehouse.

Preparation for commissioning of the purchased portable oil degassing machine on site requires a certain amount of time. On customer request, GlobeCore can commission and start the unit on site, and train the customer’s personnel.

If you are reading this:

  • You may be the manager of a company involved in the installation, maintenance or operation of oil filled equipment.  Perhaps you would like to reduce the expenses associated with purchasing new oil and disposing of old oil.  Perhaps you are looking for new advanced solutions to improve and increase your profits;
  • You may be the procurement manager of a company and you must achieve the goals set by your management, find the best offers in terms of price and quality, and build and develop good connections and relations with suppliers;
  • Maybe you are in charge of the service and repair of electrical equipment and your objective is to make your equipment operate correctly with little to no problems;
  • Or, you might be your company’s workplace safety officer. You are responsible for the health of the employees and, of course, following the guidelines set out for environmental protection, developed by the various environmental protection agencies.

If you are one of the above, then you have come to the right place.  The GlobeCore CMM-8 units will assist you in achieving all of your goals with regards to maintenance and saving the company money.  In the previous year our company has been able to set up friendly and fruitful connections with many satisfied clients.

What needs to be done to set up our equipment in your facility

  • contact us by e-mail or by one of our phone numbers and we will review your order;
  • we will offer the best product options and let you know what production time can be expected to receive your equipment;
  • at your option, we can meet at our facility or your facility;
  • we will manufacture and then commission the product on your site.

The Advantages of the GlobeCore CMM-8 Portable Oil Degassing Machine are:

  • ability to purify transformer oil by heat and vacuum in one cycle;
  • extension of transformer oil service life;
  • simplicity of service and operation;
  • versatility (apart form purification and degassing of transformer oil, the product is capable of heating electrical systems with hot oil, drying transformers with vacuum and evacuating air from transformer tanks);
  • improvement of power transformer reliability;
  • expedient production time;
  • competitive price;
  • advice from qualified professionals both before purchasing the product and during its operation;
  • production of the units using component parts by the world’s most reputable suppliers;
  • elimination of storage facilities required for used transformer oil;
  • savings on purchasing new oil and disposing of old transformer oil; and
  • energy efficiency.

CMM-8 Portable Oil Degassing Machine Specifications



1 Maximum processing rate, m3/hour:
– degassing, drying and filtration mode


– heating and filtration mode


2 Processed oil parameters:
– total gas content, % max


– moisture content, g/t max


– ISO 4406 industrial purity


3 Max oil output temperature in heating mode, ºС


4 Outlet pressure, MPa


5 Oil heater power, kW, max


6 Max power consumption, , kW


7 Residual pressure in the vacuum chamber during degassing, Pa max


8 Residual pressure in the vacuum chamber during air tightness test, Pa max


9 Leaking of air into the vacuum chamber during a one hour air tightness test, Pa max


10 Power supply:
– voltage, V


– AC frequency, Hz


11 Dimensions, mm max:
– length


– width


– height


Weight, kg max


Here are some of the frequent questions we get:

1) I need a unit with a different processing rate.

GlobeCore offers customized products for clients. Give us the specific conditions of your operation. Our engineers will offer you the best solutions.

2) What are the design options for this product?

Products may be wither stationary (containerized, framed or tented) or mobile (on castor wheels or on a trailer).

3) What is the production time for a custom order?

Production time for a custom order is usually no more than 45 working days.

4) What is the warranty on the product?

The warranty on most products is 12 months.