In Ecuador, the New CMM-12R Plant Started up Successfully

August 25: representatives of GlobeCore arrived to Quito (Ecuador) to start the CMM-12R plant and train customer staff.

Before a full start up, a test run of equipment was performed, which showed the following results of transformer oil regeneration:

  • dielectric loss tangent: 0.7% at 90 ° C (initial value: 11%);
  • breakdown voltage: 80 kV.

Note that the CMM-12R plant has the following advantages:

  • round the clock regeneration of transformer oil without interruptions for sorbent reactivation;
  • condition monitoring of all components of the equipment;
  • advanced software;
  • control of oil regeneration through a GSM-module;
  • zero loss of oil during regeneration.

There is a specially equipped operator’s room with air conditioning and a PC for easier operation. Performance of the equipment In regeneration mode is 4 m3 / h.

Staff training was conducted on an operating transformer in Ambato, Ecuador. The CMM-12R plant processed insulating oil directly in the transformer on-line without taking the it offline. Working in a mountainous area, the GlobeCore equipment demonstrated consistently high transformer oil regeneration results.