CMM-4/7 and CMM-12R installed and commissioned in Botswana

In May, 2 more installations of GlobeCore equipment took place. At this time in Gaborone (Botswana) were put into operation two new units  CMM-4/7 and СММ-12Р.

CMM-4/7 processes insulating oil (through drying, degassing, cleaning from mechanical impurities) and heats oil before refilling, it also vacuum dries and evacuates transformers. The degassing mode is designed for a maximum processing rate of 4 m3 / h, and the heating and filtration mode for 7 m3 / h.

CMM-12R is also a multifunctional equipment designed for processing insulating oils and  for maintenance of transformers. It differs from CMM-4/7 in the  possibility to regenerate oil by removing dissolved gases, solid particles, free and dissolved water, as well as oil decay products.

CMM-12R  service program for transformers includes :

  • Removal of sludge from windings;
  • Evacuation;
  • Heating a  transformer and its active parts with hot oil.