Turbine Oil Filtration

The article considers  types of turbine oil contaminants, as well as negative consequences to which they may lead.

Application of GlobeCore oil filtration stations reduces costs of turbine oil operation, reduce oil consumption, increase its performance and avoid unscheduled stops of power plants.

Prolonged operation of turbine oil leads to accumulation of various impurities in oil system:

  • gelled oil aging products;
  • corrosion products;
  • mechanical impurities with  wear product ;
  • foreign matter.

With no action, the turbine oil contamination can lead to:

  • emergency shutdowns of  equipment;
  • unscheduled repairs;
  • underproduction of electricity;
  • high costs for oil replacement.

Application of GlobeCore filtration systems:

  • reduce operating costs;
  • reduce oil consumption by extending its operating life;
  • reduce environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste;
  • maintain oil performance for a long exploitation;
  • improve  lubrication system and turbine control;
  • reduce costs of repair works;
  • ensure smooth operation without shutdowns;
  • eliminate financial expenses for oil purification by third parties.

Features and benefits of CFU – М oil filtration unit, designed for turbine oil processing:

  • purify oil using a thermal vacuum method in one cycle;
  • easy to maintain and operate;
  • extend service life of oil;
  • spare parts come with the plant.