Transformer Oil Processing Plant

Transformer oil in most cases contains solid particles (metal oxides, cellulose fibers, etc.), water and dissolved gases. These impurities need to be removed.

In practice special centrifuges with capacity of 10,000 L/h are used to remove emulsified moisture and bulk solids. The processed oil can be used for 35 kV  voltage transformers.

Vacuum degassing plants removes dissolved moisture, gases and light impurities. Also quite effective is oil drying with Na and Ca zeolite achieving the residual moisture content of 0.5%. This technology lowers the moisture content in oil to 10-15 g/t.

Mechanical impurities are removed by filtration. The final effectiveness of such purification is determined mainly by the size of filter material’s porous barriers.

Magnetic filter is known as another tool to remove powdered metals particles from transformer oils.

These purification methods cannot be used separately.  As in practice there are no oils contaminated by cellulose particles only, or by metal particles only or containing water or gases only. Therefore a few techniques are used to achieve the desired efficiency. Although their combined purification meets the requirements they are too time-consuming, power- consuming and complicated.

This calls for a better design of transformer oil recycling plants.

GlobeCore mobile stations are designed to reach the level that meets the highest quality requirements. It is possible to use your own transformer oil processing plant directly on your premises, making it handier and cheaper. It saves expenses on shipping and treatment of transformer oil at specialized facilities.