Sorbent cartridges CP-260 (with Zeolite & silicagel adsorbents, min. throughput – 4500 LPH)


Sorbent-filled cartridges block is designed for purification of insulating oils from water and acid. Viscosity
of oil should be less than 70 cSt at the temperature of 50°С. Framework enables operation of sorbent-filled cartridges connected either serially or parallel, respective of the ingoing oil and output qualities.

Technical parameters
Value for CP-260
 Minimum throughput m3/hour  4.5
 Maximum operating temperature of the oil, °С 40
 Parameters of processed oil:
 – max moisture content by weight, ppm* 10.0
 – max oil acidity, mg KOH/g 0.02 – 0,05
 – dielectric loss tangent for 90°С, less  1.5
 – minimum breakthrough voltage, V  65
 Quantity of cartridges, pieces 2
 Sorbent, brand NaА
 Sorbent load for two cartridges, kg 200
 Dimensions, mm, (length/width/height) 1200/900/1950
 Weight, kg  330

*Initial moisture mass content regarded to be 50 g/t.