Oil coalescer filtration system CMM-4F (capacity 4000 LPH)

Oil coalescer filtration system CMM-4F (capacity 4000 LPH)


СММ-F units are designed for diesel fuel as well as for transformer, fluid, industrial oils purification of mechanical contaminants, free and dissolved water, water-soluble acids and alkali of less 70 cSt viscosity for the temperature of 50 °С.

Especial adsorbing filters enable purification aiming self-regulation during the steady oil processing. Selfregulation of purification process is being carried out respective of fluid flow parameters.

The filter had undergone the regeneration which enabled its frequentative exploitation.
Present  fabrication can be exploited while assembling, maintaining and exploiting oil-filled equipment.

Oil mobile units СММ– F are divided into two categories according to the mounted filter cartridges:

  • СММ-F (CFU) – mounted filter cartridge releases of mechanical contaminants only;
  • СММ-F–mounted cartridge filter releases of mechanical contaminants as well as of free and dissolved water.

 Technical parameters   Value for the sample 
 СММ-0,6F  СММ-4F
 Capacity, m3/h, more:  0.6 4
 Operating temperature of the oil, °С 30-60
 Maximum operating pressure, mPа 0.3
 Parameters of processed oil:
 – industrial purity range (ISO 4406), after 9 (-/12/15)
 – water release rate, % 93…97
 – mechanical contaminants release rate, % 92…97
 Nominal filtration fineness, mkm 3…5
 Maximum power consumption, kWt  16  3
 Power voltage for the three-phased alternating current of 50/60 Hz, V 380/220
 Overall dimensions, mm, less (length/width/height)  1100/700/1300  2000/800/1500
 Mass, kg, less  300  600