Transformer oil purification system CMM-4T (with Raschig rings, capacity 4000 LPH)



Mobile oil units СММ-Т are designed for releasing insulating, transformer, industrial turbine and compressor oils of mechanical contaminants and water. Viscosity of the aforementioned oils should be 73-280 mm²/sec for the temperature of 50 °С. The plant’s configuration presumes oil heating.

The vacuum column of the given unit contains numerous polypropylene wheels regarded to be peculiarity of the unit. The leakage of the contaminated oil through the wheels results into the extra-thin oil layer permanently altering the surface. Vacuum decreases partial pressure of the oil water which rapidly  evaporates either free or emulsified.

Technical parameters Value for the sample
 СММ-1,2Т  СММ-4Т
 Capacity, m3/h, more:
 – in the drying and filtering modes  1.2  4
 – in the filtering mode  –  4
 Maximum temperature of filtrated oil, °С   60
 Parameters of processed oil:
 – mass moisture content, g/t, less*   10.0
 – industrial purity range (ISO 4406), after   9 (-/15/12)
 Nominal filtration fineness, mkm 3…5
 Oil inlet height regarding outlet branch pipe, m   20
 Oil heater wattage, kWt, less  – 30
 Maximum power consumption, kWt  4.2  35
 Power voltage for the three-phased alternating current of 50/60 Hz, V   380/220
 Overall dimensions, mm, less( length/width/height)  1100/680/1200  1650/1150/1820
 Mass, kg, less  350  1200