Transformer oil purification system CMM-1.2T (with Raschig rings, capacity 1200 LPH)

Transformer oil reclamation system CMM-1.2T (with Raschig rings)

Capacity: CMM-1,2T reclaims 1200 litters per hour

The unit is designed for heating, drying and refining of transformer oil from mechanical impurities, water and acids. It is also intended for insulation restoration of current and voltage oil-filled transformers, for solid insulation cleaning of power transformers, for insulation drying of power transformers, transformer oil regeneration with granular synthetic or natural adsorbents, regeneration of granular synthetic or natural adsorbents with vacuum, for regeneration and refining of other types of mineral and synthetic oil.

This system is designed for reclamation (restoration to operational condition) of electric insulation oils with viscosity up to 70cSt at 50°С.

The system lowers acid number and dielectric loss tangent by over 90%. The oil reclamation system allows lightening and purification of oil with application of bleaching earth.

The unit can be used during installation, repairs and operation of oil-filled high voltage equipment up to 1150kW (power transformers, high voltage switches, etc).

Operating ambient conditions for the CMM-1,2T system:

  • ambient temperature during reclaiming range +10ºС … +35ºС;
  • atmospheric pressure 84 to 106,7 kPa (24.80 to 31.49 in. hg.);
  • elevation up to 2000 м (6562 feet) above sea level
  • explosion and fire proof building.

CMM-1,2T main components are:

  • reclamation section;
  • press-filter.

Reclamation section consists of:

  • oil heater;
  • two reactors;
  • intermediate tank;
  • circulation pump;
  • input pumps;
  • filtration pump;
  • absorbent vessels;
  • settling tank;
  • control unit;
  • piping.

The section is mounted on a metal frame with base tray.


  • Purifying and drying Transformer Oil in bulk
  • Vacuum filling of Transformers and Electrical equipmentDrying and Purifying oil in transformers (on and off-line)
  • Vacuum Drying of Transformers


  • Removes Dissolved Moisture Transformer Oil
  • Reduces combustible gases and oxygen
  • Improves oil dielectric values
  • Improves transformer power factor
  • Extends oil service life
  • Extends transformer service life and reliability.

Technical parameters



1.Capacity, m3/h


2. Parameters of treated oil Filtration fineness, micron

1 … 20

Humidity content, ppm


3. Vacuum pressure, bar Vacuum pump

– 0.8

Vacuum vessel

– 0.7

Inside the system, max


4. Set power consumption, kW


5*. Power supply, V, three phase, 50 Hz


6. Dimensions, mm:

– length

– width

– height




7. Weight, kg


*Power supply parameter as per clients’ requirement

Oil regeneration, oil purification, recycling of waste transformer oil. Disposal of sludge. Universal regeneration unit and clarification of mineral oils (motor, transmission, hydraulic, etc.) Purification, lighting, and removing sulfur from diesel and heating and other fuels, lighting pyrolysis fluid and odor removal. Deep cleaning, lighting oils.