Transformer oil purification system CMM-0.6 (capacity 600 LPH)


The unit with 0.6 m3/hour processing rate allows not only to degas transformer oil, but  also to pump, heat, filter and dry the oil.

The unit is compact, simple in design and easy to operate and service. It consists of a vacuum chamber, a ceramic heater, a transfer pump, a vacuum pump and a filter section with replaceable cartridges.

CMM-0.6 degassing unit specifications




1 Processing rate, m3/hour


2 50 Hz AC voltage, V


3 Nominal power, kW


4 Pre-filter, micron


5 Filtration fineness, micron


6 Purification class (ISO 4406)


7 Dielectric strength of the oil after one pass, kV min


8 Dimensions (hoses excluded) max, mm
— length


— width


— height


9 Weight (empty) max, kg


* – processing of unused oil.

Processing of transformer oil using the CMM-0.6 unit ensures the following oil parameters:

  • dielectric strength above 60 kV (if the oil has not been used in transformer);
  • moisture content less than 10 ppm. If higher degree of  oil drying is required, this parameter can be improved by multiple passes of the oil through the unit;
  • gas content below 0.1% in multiple passes.

Sensors control the pressure difference on filters and the vacuum pressure. Temperature is controlled by a special regulator.

Processing of oil with high moisture content may cause intensive foaming, and the unit is equipped with a foam sensor. If oil leaks, a leak sensor detects the problem and stops the unit, notifying the operator by an alarm signal.

СММ-0.6 units are already available. If any of the parameters of the unit do not suit your needs, contact our managers and fill out a questionnaire to customize the equipment.

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