INEY refrigeration unit for oil filled transformers

GlobeCore offers the INEY vacuum evacuation and vacuum drying cold trap for treatment of solid insulation in 110-1150 kV transformers. The unit is designed ot be employed during transformer installation, servicing and repairs.

The company manufactures three types of units, which differ in components, mode of operation and specifications, but are equally efficient.

Three types of the unit are manufactured: different in components, operation modfe and specifications, but with the same outstanding performance.

Type one – single unit with a double-stage refrigerator for process cooling (to -70 ºC)

Type two – double unit with a vacuum backing pump: the first module is a double stage refrigerator for process cooling (to -70 ºC), while the second module contains the backing pump and liquid cooling/heating system.

Type three – double unit (UH-70 refrigerator + BV-2000 vacuum system). The first module is a double stage refrigerator for process cooling (to -70 ºC), while the second module contains a vacuum pump and three backing pumps.

 Select the option most appropriate to your facility’s needs.


(General view of the refrigeration section)

1 – compressor 1; 2 – fan 1; 3 – compressor 2; 4 – fan 2; 5 – solenoid valve; 6 – solenoid valve 1; 7 – solenoid valve2; 8 – compressor crankcase heating 1; 9 – compressor crankcase heating 2; 10 – evaporator; 11 – double channel pressure relay 1; 12 – double channel pressure relay 2; 13 – single channel pressure relay ;  14 – pressure and vacuum gague “Input pressure” 1; 15 – pressure and vacuum gague  “Output pressure” 1; 16 – pressure and vacuum gague “Input pressure” 2; 17 – pressure and vacuum gague  “Output pressure” 2; 18 – condensate drain valve.

Modes of refrigerator operation:


Evaporator surface temperature gradually decreases to -700 ºС.


When predefined temperautre is reached (-700 ºС), the unit automatically converts to cyclic mode of operation in the predefined temperature range, where some components may occasionally stop.


Moisture build up in the evaporator and after a certain amount of it is accumulated, the evaporator should be defrosted. This is a thirty minute process, approximately.

When the evaporator cools in the cold trap to -70 ºC, there is a difference of vapor pressure in the trap and over the solid insulation. (E.g. saturated water vapor pressure at + 20 ºС is 2337 Pa, and – 40 ºС at 18 Pa).This is the driving force of the process. Water vapor from the transformer tank passes into the cold trap and freezes in the evaporator. Drying duration depends on the amount of moisture in the transformer, inside and ambient temperature and residual pressure in the transformer tank. The unit can operate for 20 days continuously.

A sight glass in the insulated cold trap allows visual monitoring of the process. A condensate drain valve is installed in the lower part of the trap, facilitating removal of condensation after defrost. The unit can trap at least 7.5 kg of moisture in 24 hours, on average.

(The unit in late stages of assembly)

This product, as any other product by GlobeCore, is accordingly certified with presentation of documents regarding the system’s quality and standards.

The manufacturing facility’s location is Oldenburg, Germany.

The unit is manufacture in 45 to 60 business days, depending on selected options.

GlobeCore offers efficient solutions to problems of modern equipment at your facility. Contact our sales manager, who will then advise you and assist in selection of necvessary options, terms and conditions of sale and commissioning and contract conclusion. We will then manufacture the product ordered. At this stage, which takes the longest, you are welcome to visit our facility and see the process of manufacturing of your ordered machine and other products. When production is complete, the product is subjected to factory acceptance tests and ships to the client.

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