Presentation of Equipment in Oman

October 3, 2016: the city of Muscat in Oman hosted a seminar dedicated to the  problems of oil, gas and electricity industries.

The seminar was organized by RAY International Group and gathered around 50 participants from Oman, Norway and Germany.

As part of the event, GlobeCore presented equipment for purification and regeneration of insulation oils, drying of transformer solid insulation and filling power transformers with insulating oils in vacuum.

GlobeCore equipment may be used on site, without switching it off line, which ensures the continuity of power supply.

GlobeCore presentation always includes a practical demonstration of equipment. This time Globecore introduced one of its latest developments: a CMM-0.5 unit, designed for pumping, heating, cleaning and degassing of insulating oil in small transformers. The compact size of the equipment allows it to be used for servicing offshore transformers and transformer wind turbines.