Plant for Transformer Oil Regeneration is a New Life of Transformers

The problem of old equipment is constantly faced by the management of power plants. According to studies the number of power transformers, that were used for more than 25 years consists of 40%. Experts agree that most susceptible to damage are internal isolation of transformers and voltage regulators and bearings.

Replacement of all old equipment is not possible, not only because of overall economic situation. But also with views on cost recovery. In our commercial world of quick profits, replacing powerful equipment would pay off in quite a long period of time. On the other hand, the service life of most transformers is not yet completed and it can be extend, with constant control and maintenance. Nevertheless, allocating huge funds for repair – is inappropriate waste when there are other solutions to this problem.

CMM-R (transformer oil reclamation plant, oil purifier) by GlobeCore, has been operating on the international market for many years. It was developed specifically to resolve this issue. Its method of recovery of dielectric strength and chemical composition of insulating oils is one of the most profitable methods of oil recovery.

CMM-R installation has a number of advantages. Firstly, with its help it is possible to regenerate insulating oil inside transformer itself (online offline). Secondly, the sorbent used for purification is “Fuller’s Earth”, which has an ability to repeatedly restore its characteristics, continuously treating oil without replacement for 300 reactivations for 1.5 – 2 years.

During oil recycling process the oil in transformer dissolves the deposits on winding insulation and the sorbent, in turn, withdraws it. Acid and decomposition products are removed from oil, following by clarification. The oil reclamation process also increases oxidation stability of oil and diminishes its ability to dissolve gases, extending operating life of recovered transformer oil.

As mentioned earlier, the essence of regeneration process is in passing oil through sorbent with micro-porous structure, participating in “molecular filtration.” Oil decomposition products and unwanted impurities remain in the pellets of sorbent. After that CMM-R installation reactivates the sorbent, i.e. it purifies it directly.

In addition, the installation is equipped with new modern equipment, showing high level of efficiency. Experts have positive comments about excellent results of transformer oil processing, confirming that the condition of recovered oil conforms to fresh transformer oils.

CMM-R installation by GlobeCore – is a system for complex processing of oil. The design of the installation is mobile with gives a possibility of operating it directly next to transformer. Installation is not a static unit, and can be transported from one transformer to another.

Equipment various technological parameters is controlled and managed by an external touch screen control panel. Programmed initially, it does not require operator supervision.

Every enterprise is facing the problem of saving resources and constantly keeping abreast with modern technology market. Using power equipment has never been so easy as with GlobeCore.