GlobeCore Invitation to Transformador LatAm 360

Transformador LatAm 360 symposium, dedicated to transformer lifecycle, will be held in Panama on 10-13 September this year.

The four day event will include presentations from the leading companies in the industry of transformer servicing and lifetime extension: SDMyers, Megger, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Omicron, GlobeCore, Qualitrol and Transformer Clinic. The presented information will help improve transformer and other high voltage equipment maintenance procedures in your facility.

GlobeCore will be presented at the symposium by Jose Mora, the Latin America Service Manager. The report will focus on the problem of corrosive sulfur in transformer oil. The presence of corrosive sulfur is a direct danger to the transformer. Active sulfur promotes oil aging and the formation of colloids; it can accelerate formation of deposit films and overheating of switch contacts; sulfur has a negative effect on rubber seals; copper sulfide is a conductor which may form on the windings and damage insulation. After the report, you will learn how to prevent these processes and extend the lifetime of your transformers.

For more information on participating in the symposium, send an email to [email protected].