GlobeCore held a presentation in Ecuador on May 3-4

May 3-4, in Quito (Ecuador) GlobeCore together with Tcontrol S.A. organized and held a seminar on modern technologies for cleaning and regeneration of mineral oils, fuels and other petroleum products.

The event was part of a series of presentations held by GlobeCore. in order to raise the awareness of managers and specialists in the energy, fuel, chemical and petrochemical industries. It was also aimed at finding new partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. The seminar was attended by the representatives of different countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The first day was focused on GlobeCore. equipment in general and the CMM-12R- regeneration plant in particular. This unit was commissioned in Quito in August last year and continues to successfully regenerate transformer oil. Finally, the discussion with questions and answers was held on CMM-12R features and capacity.

The second day discussed a possible technical and commercial cooperation on an individual basis.

The event has reached its goals. Our company has established new partnerships, and showed new opportunities  and new equipment GlobeCore  equipment to conference guests.