Commissioning of CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn

April 10, the CMM-4/7 unit (on a trailer) was commissioned in Tallinn (Estonia).

This type of unit degases, dehydrates and cleans insulating oils from mechanical impurities. In addition to the functions mentioned above, CMM-4/7 can also be used for heating and pumping oil to and from oil filled transformers and other electrical equipment

Designed on a trailer, the unit can be pulled by any vehicle and quickly delivered to remote areas for servicing transformers. At customer’s request, CMM-4/7 units have additional options:

  • an extra vacuum system for vacuum treatment of transformers;
  • a double-stage chiller unit for more efficient vacuum system operation;
  • moisture sensor for oil stream inlet and outlet.

CMM-4/7 units by GlobeCore prolong the service life of power transformers and increase the reliability of electric power transmission system.