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Commissioning of CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn

April 10, the CMM-4/7 unit (on a trailer) was commissioned in Tallinn (Estonia).

This type of unit degases, dehydrates and cleans insulating oils from mechanical impurities. In addition to the functions mentioned above, CMM-4/7 can also be used for heating and pumping oil to and from oil filled transformers and other electrical equipment

Designed on a trailer, the unit can be pulled by any vehicle and quickly delivered to remote areas for servicing transformers. At customer’s request, CMM-4/7 units have additional options:

  • an extra vacuum system for vacuum treatment of transformers;
  • a double-stage chiller unit for more efficient vacuum system operation;
  • moisture sensor for oil stream inlet and outlet.

CMM-4/7 units by GlobeCore prolong the service life of power transformers and increase the reliability of electric power transmission system.

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

In mid-February this year, GlobeCore representatives visited Indonesia (Gresik), where they commissioned the CMM-0.6M oil purification plant.

This equipment cleans insulating oils from water and mechanical impurities. The oil is treated from cleanliness level of ISO – -/18/16 to cleanliness level of ISO – -/14/12 by multiple passes through the filter unit. A CMM-0,6M plant is  multifunctional and can be used during installation, repairs and operation of power transformers.

The important advantage of this equipment is transformer oil processing on energized transformers. The cleaning process is protected by a TSS transformer safety system by GlobeCore. An operator determines the upper and lower oil level in the tank. In emergency situation a TSS system disconnects a transformer from an oil cleaning plant.

The TSS system can be used to connect to transformer equipment for cleaning, filtration and regeneration of various manufacturers. The operator needs basic skills to connect it, and it takes less than 5 minutes. At customer’s request, TSS can be equipped with a GSM-application to work through a mobile.

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore equipment started its operation in Indonesia

GlobeCore presented its equipment at Gulf Industry Fair 2017

February 7-9, 2017, GlobeCore, together with RAY International Group, took part in Gulf Industry Fair 2017 (Manama, Bahrain) that covered different industrial sectors

This event was first held in 2008. Since then it has become a leading industrial trade show in the Persian Gulf. Annually, this event is visited by the leading manufacturers of machine tools, industrial equipment, automation, metallurgy, logistic, etc.

GlobeCore presented equipment for maintenance of power transformers and cleaning of insulating oils. Traditionally GlobeCore demonstrated the capabilities of its equipment on a UVR laboratory unit, which cleaned the samples of contaminated used transformer oil.

GlobeCore thanks the organizers of  the Gulf Industry Fair 2017 for the opportunity to participate,  and  to gain contacts in the area of cleaning and regeneration of mineral oils.

We offer a small photo report of GlobeCore visit to Bahrain.

The CMM-10-10 unit commissioned in Asyut (Egypt)

January 11 – 13, 2017, GlobeCore technical team visited Asyut (Egypt).

They carried out the start-up and commissioning of the CMM-10-10 plant, which would service the power transformers at local substation. This equipment cleans insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases, and also treats the power transformers with high vacuum.

The unit operates in the following modes:

  • Oil degassing;
  • Transformer heating;
  • Transformer evacuation.

The maximum unit capacity in degassing, drying and filtration modes is 10 m3 / h, and in heating and filtration is 15 m3 hour. The processed transformer oil has the following parameters:

  • volumetric gas content – below 0.1%;
  • moisture content by weight – below 5 ppm.

At Customer request a CMM units is equipped with the following options:

  • an extra vacuum pump assembly for transformer vacuum treatment;
  • automatic productivity control;;
  • insulating oil level monitoring system in transformer;
  • full automation and remote control and process monitoring via smart phone or PC;
  • particle counter according to ISO 4406;
  • inlet and/or outlet moisture meters for the oil stream;
  • flow meters.

The design options include a stainless steel design and in explosion-proof.

Also  CMM units can be used for cleaning of insulating oil and evacuation of power transformers on ships, offshore oil platforms and offshore wind farms, as well as in docks.

The USA: GlobeCore Equipment for Servicing Wind Farm Transformers

GlobeCore’s standard range of services includes not only sales of equipment, but also rentals.

It was the latter option that was chosen by one of American electric power companies to service the transformers of wind farms. Two CMM-4/7 units were contracted and went to the Virginia.

This product is designed for:

  • transformer oil degassing;
  • transformer oil dehydration;
  • removal of particulate matter from transformer oil;
  • heating of transformer oil.

The CMM-4/7 units are used to service 1150 kV power transformers.

Beside these functions, the units can also be used to heat oil filled electrical equipment with hot oil, to pull vacuum and vacuum dry transformers.

Using GlobeCore products significantly extends power transformer life and improves reliability of wind farm power generation.

GlobeCore is a member of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and is always ready to take part in wind power projects.

Canada. The CMM-4/7 unit successfully services transformers of wind turbines

GlobeCore is a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and always tries to find solutions to the urgent problems in the industry.

Among the tasks are: increasing reliability and extending service life of wind turbine transformers. These transformers convert the voltage of turbine generators for power lines. They are positioned within the tower or near the tower base.

Recently one of GlobeCore CMM-4/7 units started operation on a wind farm in Canada. This equipment is designed for degassing, removal of free and dissolved water and solids from insulating oil. Also, it heats the oil before filling transformers and other electrical equipment. The secret to high performance of the CMM units are the activators that contribute to instantaneous evaporation of gases and water from oil.

The unit is compact and mobile. It quickly services the wind turbine transformers located in remote areas.

CMM units are available with a wide range of additional options:

  • additional vacuum system for evacuation of transformers;
  • two-stage refrigeration system to increase the efficiency of the vacuum system;
  • moisture sensors at both input and output;
  • remote control and process  monitoring;
  • thermal insulation;
  • metal container;
  • special room for the operator;
  • explosion-proof;
  • mounted on wheels;
  • trailer or semitrailer.

GlobeCore equipment for maintenance of wind turbine transformers:

  • Improves alternative energy transmission;
  • Extends the lifetime of the transformer;
  • Saves money on purchase of new insulating oils.

Oldenburg. A Presentation for Ethiopian Guests

On 14 November 2016 GlobeCore held a presentation for visitors from Ethiopia.

The presentation focused on equipment for purification of mineral oil and servicing of power transformers, along with a demonstration of oil purification equipment at GlobeCore International Training Center.

The guests from Ethiopia were most interested by the regeneration technologies implemented in CMM-R and UVR units. The former completely restores electrical insulation oil without the need to drain the oil from the transformer or to take the transformer offline. The latter regenerates transformer, turbine and industrial oil, heavy fuel oil and diesel, pyrolysis liquid and other oil products. The interest was due to the fact that all countries address their environmental issues. Ethiopia is not an exception.

GlobeCore thanks our Ethiopian colleagues for their interest in our equipment and the new experience. The doors of the International Training Center are open to all who wish to learn how to use GlobeCore equipment and to those who want to witness its efficiency in person.

GlobeCore gains membership in the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

Our company always strives to keep abreast of latest trends in the power generation sector.

This approach allows us to follow the newest technologies to improve our equipment and solve practical problems. To be more involved with the wind power industry, GlobeCore joined the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

This decision stems from the work done by GlobeCore previously on transformers for marine environment which convert electricity of wind turbines to high voltage for the power grid. The equipment operating in the marine environment has to resist the influence of adverse factors: salt water, high humidity, temperature, etc. Therefore, GlobeCore’s CMM-0.5, CMM-4/7 and CMM-6/7 units are designed to withstand the rough conditions at sea.

The plants restore functionality of insulating oils, prolong their service life, and improve reliability of offshore transformers.

AWEA membership will help to improve existing equipment and to develop a fundamentally new equipment to provide different solutions to problems of wind power generation.

GlobeCore at the 18th WETEX 2016 international exhibition

October 4-6, the International Exhibition Centre in Dubai (UAE) hosted the 18th WETEX 2016 exhibition.

WETEX is an annual exhibition that first started in 1999 and which brings together the leading global experts in the fields of water, energy, technology and environment, as well as major investors. This year more than 1500 participants (700 companies) from more than 40 countries took part in the exhibition. The exhibition was organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

During the exhibition GlobeCore presented its new equipment for purification and regeneration of industrial oils and maintenance of power transformers. GlobeCore technology extends the life of expensive equipment and reduces the harmful emissions into the environment by recycling waste oil.

This technology attracted great interest of both the participants and visitors of the exhibition.

We offer you a photo report of our presence at WETEX 2016.

CMM-0.6 Startup in Italy

October 5, 2016 GlobeCore engineers commissioned a CMM-0,6 unit in Carpenedolo (Brescia, Italy)

Transformer oil purification plant CMM-0.6 is designed for removal of contaminants, water and gases from  insulating oils with viscosity below 70 mm / cm2 (cSt) at 50 °C.

The plant is perfect for facilities engaged in installation, repair and operation of oil-filled high-voltage equipment (power transformers, high voltage switches, etc.).

The CMM-0.6 plant operates in different modes:

  • heating and filtering of oil;
  • thermal vacuum cleaning of oil.

For more technical characteristics, click here.