Transformer Oil Regeneration by Fuller’s Earth

Transformers are considered to be the main element of the power stations, distribution stations, and power conversion units.  Operational reliability and service life of transformers largely depend on the condition of the dielectric insulating oil and solid insulation. The dielectric transfomer oil is considered to have good performance characteristics when it is free from unwanted  impurities such as water, air, and mechanical particles. Usually, insolation used in transformers consists of organic materials (cellulose and oil).  During the operation, factors such as the electric field, temperature, and contact with construction materials result in the oil’s aging.   If the water content, atmospheric oxygen and mechanical impurities in the oil increase, the performance characteristics of the oil will be reduced.  The transformer will fail much sooner if the oil becomes contaminated and moistened. Even if the contaminated transformer oil is removed and fresh oil is properly placed into the transformer, the new oil will quickly become contaminated since about 15% of the contaminated oil is always left in the transformer when the oil is merely changed and not regenerated.  The residues of contaminated oil quickly penetrate the fresh product thereby shortneing the aging processes of the liquid insulation. It makes no economic sense to buy oil very often.  Great somes of money are spent, but the beneficial results last only for a short period of time. Having years of experience, GlоbeCоre is in the business of  manufacturing equipment for purification and regeneration of transformer oil, industrial oil, turbine oil and other types of industrial oils and fluids.  The company has succeeded in developing transformer oil recycling technology that exceeds modern industrial requirements. GlobeCore adheres to the “preventive maintenance” principle that means performing periodic maintenance in order to prevent the need to perform corrective maintenance. GlobeCore’s new mobile oil filtration stations in the CMM-R equipment line are considered to be the most effective means of regeneration since they were developed with regard to the contaminants and conditons that cause oil to prematurely age and degrade the solid insulation.  The CMM-R line of oil reconditioning units are based on the following important principles: (1) Fuller’s Earth – a naturally-occurring material – serves as the  filter.  It retains different impurities due to its performance characteristic (porosity – 125 m2/g).  The new CMM-R units automatically reactivate their own sorbent materials inside the unit for uninterrupted processing without unloading spent sorbent and reloading new sorbent; (2) GlobeCore equipment ensures complete transformer oil purification.  The operational principle of the CMM-R oil purification units is that oil is circulated through a closed path: contaminated oil runs to the unit (where it is regenerated) and goes back to the transformer already fully cleaned and regenerated.  Due to the constant oil circulation, contaminated oil is washed away from the transformer’s core, windings and solid insulation; (3) During the processing, oil does not make contact with atmospheric oxygen that has a negative impact on insulation systems; and (4) Oil regenerated in the CMM-R oil purification unit have increased resistance to oxidation. Summing it up, GlobeCore CMM-R oil regeneration units have such benefits as:
  • trouble-free operation;
  • oil can be regenerated on an energized transformer;
  • reduction in financial expenditures since there is reduced need to buy new oil;
  • reduced manual labor costs.  There is only one operator required to service the unit when older traditional technology requires a group of workers to bring new oil, de-energize transformers, discharge oil, and then add new oil to the transformer;
  • mobility, When working with a large number of transformers there is no need to create a special infrastructure to carry out oil reclamation.  Mobile CMM-R oil purification units may be easily transported from one transformer to another; and
  • no hazardous discharges into the air, water or land.
GlobeCore technologies provide uninterrupted transformer operation and allow for reduction in operating costs.


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