Transformer Oil Purification Unit Was Successfully Commissioned On the Offshore Drilling Platform

On July 5,  2015 the GlobeCore Clean Marine  Unit (capacity 4m3/h) was commissioned on the offshore drilling platform, in 250 km from the Nigeria seacoast. The electric equipment at the offshore deep-water drilling platforms are operated under heavy conditions, being exposed to waves, the wind and salt water. A power transformer is an integral part of the electric power system of the drilling platform which determines a smooth and uninterrupted operation of drilling rigs and creates favourable working conditions to the staff. Transformer oil is an important element of the transformer insulating system that insulates current-conducting parts of the transformer from non-conducting ones. Unfortunately, physical and chemical characteristics of oil have a potential to degrade during operation that affects badly the smooth operation of the converting equipment. Clean Marine unit is used to vacuumize and maintain offshore power transformers as well as to remove water, gasses and mechanical impurities from transformer oil. In addition, GlobeCore‘s Clean marine unit fully complies with the requirements for equipment, operated in the marine environment. Clean Marine Units are compact in size, protected from moisture ingress and explosion proof. This unit may be operated in the following modes: (1) transformer’s heating up; (2) oil’s degassing; (3) transformer’s vacuumizing. GlobeCore‘s Clean Marine equipment restores transformer oils to its new-like condition, thereby extending their service life.   As a result it increases the electric reliability of the offshore drilling platforms, saves money on new oil purchase and waste oil disposal of.     The following are selected photos from the commissioning:







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