Regeneration of Used Lubricating Oil from an Ecological Point of View

Environmental specialists have estimated that about 84% of all used oil is discharged into the lithosphere (Earth’s crust) and hydrosphere (oceans, lakes, rivers and streams) annually.  This consitutues a rather large amount of contamination that will lead to ecological disasters world wide.  Used lubricating oil, unlike petroleum or other oil products, are not neutralized when they get into the soil or water (biodestruction, oxidation, and photochemical reactions).  The reason is because of the oxidation products, contaminants and other impurities that are accumulated in oils during the course of operation.  An environmentally safe alternative would be to regenerate the used oil and restore it to its original condition in order to eliminate the need to dispose of the used oil. Processing the oil is actually less expensive than replacing the oil and eliminates the dangers associtaed with hazardous waste. When choosing a used oil restoration method, besides costs, special attention should be paid to its eco-friendliness.  Here is where we speak about the “Pure Production” concept. The “Pure Production” concept is based on a wide spectrum of principles that are used to solve definite environmental problems that come up when designing or consuming products. When speaking about used oil technology, it is worth mentioning that it is based on following principles:
  • Complex waste recycling process;
  • Development of new technological processes that allows for significant waste elimination;
  • Designing of zero-discharge systems and water circuits based on effective waste water treatment methods;
  • Processed raw materials consumption; and
  • creation of territorial industrial complexes with closed circuit flows of raw materials and waste within the complex.
Advanced modern approaches, targeted at pollution prevention, have made production processes less toxic and more effective.  But, eco-friendly production should be understood as an integral system of principles such as:
  • Preventive avoids corrective principle. It costs much less to prevent environment pollution than to relive and correct its consequences.
  • Principle of integrity. Consumption of natural resources requires a comprehensive approach that does not create new problems while solving old ones.
All the principles listed above should be followed when working with used lubricating oils.  It is possible to make the production process environmentally friendly if flexible and comprehensive approaches to the problems are applied. The following criteria should be used to determine if the regeneration method is eco-friendly:
  • Purification rate of the final product;
  • Amount of waste produced by the process;
  • Possibility of waste recycling;
  • Trouble-free management of resulting waste; and
  • Toxic rate of resulting waste.
GlobeCore produces advanced modern technology for the processing of used oil that follows the principles the listed above.  GlobeCore oil purification units provide for regeneration of transformer oil, industrial oil, turbine oil, gear oil, and other types of oils and fluids.  The performance characteristics of used oils are restored to their original new like condition. Additionally, such technology reduces the need to buy replacement oil and eliminates the need to dispose of used oils and fluids. Another benefit of GlobeCore technology is that the units do not produce any hazardous waste during their operation.  Other companies still produce equipment that requires frequent changing of sorbent materials which inturn requires more procesing time and generates its own hazardous waste.  This obsolete technology is more expensive to operate and sharply increases labor costs. The advanced modern GlobeCore units use a  Fuller’s Earth sorbent material that can be reactivated directly in the oil processing unit eliminating the need to slow or stop the cleaning process.  The sorbernt in the GlobeCore units will last up to 300 regeneration cycles over a 3 to 4 year period and can disposed of as non-hazardous waste before needing replacement. GlobeCore is able to offer highly-efficient and eco-friendly solutions to the problem of used oil reclamation with the CMM-R line of regneration equipment.


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