Novelty in oil purification equipment at GlobeCоre

GlobeCore is a developing company that continues to please its customers by designing new equipment and improving old units.

In September, the company presented an upgraded degassing equipment for transformer oil – CMM-1H.

It is an improved version of a mobile oil station – CMM-1.0.

Like the previous model, the new unit operates on the principle of vacuum drying, which involves heating the oil and feeding it into the vacuum chamber, where, under the influence of low pressure, the water is evaporated and removed by a vacuum pump.

The new improved CMM-1H unit has several advantages:

  • smart heating control system;
  • a collection of water condensate;
  • a centrifugal (output) pump;
  • ease of management;
  • a separate connection for evacuation of transformer;
  • pumpless vacuum supply.

Technical characteristics of the CMM-1H:

Parameter Value
1 Processing rate, m3/hour, max
  • In drying mode
     2 *Processed oil parameters:
  • Moisture content, g/t, max
  • ISO 4406 industrial purity
3 Temperature of processed oil in heating mode, С 90
4 Oil output pressure, bar 2,5
5 Oil heater power, kW, Nominal 23
6 I power consumption , kW 25
7 Electric power parameters:
  • voltage, V
  • Three phase AC, Hz
8 Dimensions, mm,max
  • length
  • height
  • width
9 Weight (without oil), kg, max 750

To order a new mobile oil station CMM-1H, please contact GlobeCore managers and they will provide all the necessary information.