Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying Unit Commissioned in Oman

In mid-December 2015, employees of our Company successfully commissioned an automated Mojave Heat hot air drying unit in Oman.   The Mojave Heat is used during installation and repair of power transformers for the purpose to ensure their integrity and airtightness. The Mojave Heat dries out the air to a temperature of up to +90ºC/194ºF and also removes mechanical impurities from the air.  In particular, the equipment can be used for:
  • depressurization of power transformers;
  • draining the oil from power transformers; and
  • drying of small transformers up to 110 kV with dry hot air.
The Mojave Heat units can be used to dry sorbents in third-party equipment, and in the agriculture industry for drying of wet hay, grains, and other farm products. The automated models are operated via a touch-panel, by which you can set the required operating modes of the unit. The flow rate of the air is adjusted with the help of frequency converters (one for each blower).  The predetermined heating temperature is maintained through the PID-control. The application of modern sensors and automation technology makes the drying process more energy efficient.  In addition, the unit maintenance costs are greatly reduced.





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