In Maracaibo they use equipment of Globecore

GlobeCore equipment commissioned in Maracaibo. Last month, our company supplied and commissioned a USB blending system in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. One of the local businesses needed an 18 cubic meter per hour blending system. By the way, Maracaibo is the second most populated city in Venezuela after Caracas, with over a million residents. The USB blending system was purchased to enhance the company’s versatility: with this equipment, manufactured by GlobeCore, any two to five liquid components can be blended continuously. The system can be used for production of multicomponent motor fuels (including fuels with vegetable components) and bioethanol, as well as for blending of biodiesel with regular diesel. Furthermore, the USB system can be used for emulsification and homogenization of heavy fuel oil and water-fuel blends. The distinctive feature of this blending system made by GlobeCore is the method of injection and hydrodynamic shock. This method allows to raise the fuel’s cetane number and prevent separation for as long as six months or more. Regular blending methods do not ensure fuel stability; the product may quickly separate.The use of the USB hydrodynamic blending system allows the following:
  • improved production capacity: (stock models can be customized for 5, 18, 20, 40, 60 or 100 cubic meters per hour)
  • significant reduction of process duration and improved product stability
  • improvement of profitability due to optimal product use
  • reduction of labor cost and the number of service personnel due to automation of the operation process
  • minimized product transportation idle time
  • unloading of the finished product directly into petrol tankers.


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