In February, GlobeCore Staff Visited Yerevan (Armenia) to Deliver Another Presentation on GlobeCore Equipment

The main audience was the representatives of the service companies, engaged in maintenance of oil-filled equipment or transmission and distribution companies. They were interested in purification and regeneration of transformer oil that lost its performance characteristics during servicing. Oil, processed on GlobeCore equipment can be placed back into service for which it was originally formulated that allows the equipment owners  to reduce costs on the new oil purchase and contribute the environment preservation. To walk the talk, in the course of the lecture, our representatives demonstrated the UVR laboratory unit, using the samples of oil, unfit for further use. The obtained results confirmed once again that GlobeCore equipment can cope even with the most complicated tasks! Our company has gained invaluable international experience and the representatives of the power industry in Armenia have received a great opportunity to solve the pressing problems, caused by using obsolete equipment and unworkable technologies.


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