Improvements on cable oil processing equipment

Cable oil is used in oil-containing cables as impregnator and dielectric. It must have low dissipation factor, high stability to gases and stable properties even if heated for long periods of time. In general, the requirements to quality of cable oil is higher than to that of transformer oils. This is due to the fact that even small amounts of contaminants may lead to cable fault. A significant amount of time is required for fault location and repair. Besides, these actions are costly. Hence the need for special equipment to remove water and other contaminants from the oil. Anatoliy Bartiev, a long time professional in the industry, shared his knowledge on the subject with GlobeCore staff. Using equipment of this type, made by our company, allows to avoid failures caused by oil-containing cable faults. It is more practical to purchase a cable oil processing unit, than to spend time and money on repairs and restoration of electric transmission lines.


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