How to Clean FR3 Dielectric Fluid

A fire-resistant dielectric, known as FR3 features a natural (organic) green substance, used in power transformers, reactors and oil circuit breakers. The following is the list of benefits of FR3 fluid:
  • eco-friendliness (non toxic, no silicone, halogenes and benzenes).
  • complete biodegradation;
  • compatibility with other transformer oils;
  • fire explosion safety; and
  • good heat-exchanging and dielectric properties.
FR3 dielectric fluid may be used when repairing or remanufacturing serviceable transformers. The exceptions are devices that previously used silicone.  FR3 dielectric fluid consists of  vegetable oils and special additives that do not contain any  halogens, sulphur or other elements that can have an adverse effect on the environment. But, despite the natural composition, FR3 dielectric fluid is still subject to oxidation and aging. It is known that proper recycling and purification and regeneration restores oil’s performance characteristics to the acceptable levels and extends the service life of the oil and the transformer.  When processing FR3 fluid, it is necessary to choose equipment that, on one hand, can provide a high-quality treatment of oil and, on the other hand, can process not only petroleum-based oils but also natural-based fluids like FR3. Such versatile equipment will allow you to process different types of oils thereby reducing operating costs. GlobeCore oil processing equipment has obtained a wide acceptance in more than 80 countries around the world. 11667442_804952062957881_5192054319660316997_nIn July, 2015, GlobeCore Clean Marine unit, designed to process dielectric fluids on offshore drilling platforms, was tested 250 kilometers from the Nigerian seacoast using FR3 fluid.  The results were impressive: GlobeCore equipment completely restored the performance characteristics of FR3 fluid which rendered it serviceable again. Summing it up, it should be mentioned that GlobeCore always considers the wishes of its customers and can  customize equipment to meet the individual needs of each client.


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