GlobeCore Mobile Oil Station MCU-7

For the complete cleaning and restoration of industrial oils, GlobeCore has developed a number of different equipment models with various capacities and oil processing capabilities. The management and staff here at GlobeCore recognize that each company has individual and special needs.  This is especially true when it comes to the processing of waste materials such as oils and fluids.  Depending on the level of processing required, GlobeCore’s oil processing  equipment can be utilized at full or reduced capacity or used independently for insulating fluids. GlobeCore offers a full range of versatile equipment that includes several types of purification, filtration and restoration processes for oils and fluids.  Your company therefore, can select the desired level of oil and fluid processing that best meets your needs and budget. The GlobeCore SMM MCU-7 Mobile Oil Station is designed to filter insulating oils through the use of high quality sorbent materials.  The Zeolite sorbent materials feature a porous structure with homogeneous cavities that are commonly referred to as “molecular sieves.”  Given the size of these cavities, zeolites can absorb small pollutant particles that do not exceed the diameter of the entrance. For the MCU-7 unit, only certain types of purification can be implemented depending on the capacity of the power equipment being serviced.  By combining different purification steps however, a high level of quality purification can be achieved for oils and fluid products. The performance capabilities of the MCU-7 unit is approximately 4.3m3 per hour.  The production rate may be reduced depending on the level of contamination and the purity requirements for the final product. The GlobeCore MCU-7 Mobile Oil Station is  similar to the GlobeCore CMM line of equipment.  All models however, are designed for mobile servicing of multiple types of electric power equipment and hydraulic systems across the entire industrial spectrum.  Unlike the earlier CMM models, the newer MCU-7 models use sorbent cartridge blocks to process oils and fluids.  The new equipment therefore, can simultaneously provide complex fluid regeneration, the removal of water and water soluble acids and the drying of oil and moisture removal from your oil filled equipment. The MCU-7 is also equipped with a special heater to maintain the optimal oil temperature needed for heating, drying and regeneration.  The volume of the MCU-7 zeolite cartridge is approximately 100 liters.  Once the sorbent properties are exhausted, the cartridges are removed and replaced. A single cartridge filled with zeolite can handle up to 100 tons of contaminated oil under normal operating conditions. The benefits of the MCU-7 is its multi-purpose potential.  One unit can be used to serve all the electric power and hydraulic equipment in your company.


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