GlobeCore Equipment Presentations Held in Azerbaijan

A delegation of GlobeCore representatives visited Azerbaijan from the 12th through the 16th of October 2015. The GlobeCore representatives visited Baku and Gyandzha where they made four presentations and demonstrated the operation of the GlobeCore UVR-L laboratory unit. The various lines of GlobeCore oil processing and transformer service equipment were on display and demonstrations were made to the numerous electric industry professionals present at the events. The events clearly demonstrated that the entire line of GlobeCore  products promote reliability and efficiency of power generation and distribution equipment through the purification and regeneration of dielectric transformer oil.  The number of issues raised and questions asked indicated that the audience was also well informed and very involved in the topics of discussion and very interested in GlobeCore processing equipment. Every presentation was concluded with a demonstration of the capabilities of GlobeCore products using the GlobeCore UVR demonstration machine.  All participants were able to observe how used transformer oil was restored back to it original new like condition. GlobeCore would like to thank all attendees and organizers of the presentations for the interest in our equipment and the interesting discussions.


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