Explosion Proof Oil Regeneration Unit

Used oil is a rather hazardous substance that cannot be biologically degraded under natural conditions.  Most oil products will become a source of air, water and soil pollution if not disposed of properly.  Just one liter of used oil can pollute more than a thousand liters of water. Waste oils, accumulated in the environment, disrupt whole populations of animals, birds and fish. They also have harmful effects on the human body as well.  Despite the need for more detailed research, today there is data confirming the connection between lung cancer and waste oil for humans whose work is related to handling waste oil. This makes the problem of collection and disposal or recycling of used oil a very pressing one and requires quick and efficient solutions.  At this time, there are several methods of handling waste oil:
  • Restoration on site.  Harmful contaminants are extracted from the oil which makes it possible to reuse the oil.  This approach effectively extends the service life of the oil even if it does not restore the oil to as good as new condition;
  • Shipping the used oil for processing to an oil refinery.  In this case, the waste oil is used as a raw material to make other oil products;
  • Burning.  This method of disposal generates heat and energy for various processes. Water and some harmful contaminants must first be removed from the oil.  Unlike reusing the oil, burning, obviously, works only one time since the used oil is fully consumed by the burning process;
  • Regeneration. Oil regeneration is a process of restoring the oil’s performance specification to a good as new condition.  This process allows the reuse of the oil and, in theory, giving the oil an infinite service life.
Regeneration is the preferred way of dealing with used oil.  It requires only a third of the energy used to refine crude oil into lubrication oil.  Besides reducing energy consumption, making one liter of high quality oil requires 67.2 liters of crude oil and only 1.6 liters of used oil thereby preserving precious natual resources. GlobeCore offers a wide range of equipment for purification and regeneration of transformer oil, industrial oil, turbine oil, transmission fluid, and many other types of oil used in various industries. The two main features of GlobeCore’s regeneration machines is versatility combined with many design options.  These include explosion proof designs that include various engineering solutions to protect against fire and explosion.  The explosion proof features allows GlobeCore machines to be used in facilities such as nuclear power plants, hydropower plants, oil refineries and other inherently dangerous industrial work sites. Using the GlobeCore Process will extend the service life of mineral oils and the equipment the oil is used in significantly.  Your company will benefit additionally by reducing the amount of new oil purchaces and elminating the need to dispose of used oil.  You will be able to reduce or eliminate the amount of stored waste oil thereby decreasing the chance of environmental damage from used oil spillage.  The GlobeCore Process is the best and most comprehensive solution to the problem of used oil.


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