Another Successful GlobeCore Startup in Uganda

On December 3, 2015, representatives of GlobeCore made a successful startup of a new CMM-4D oil processing unit in Uganda. The CMM-4D is based on the principle of thermal vacuum processing of dielectric insulating oil.  In the vacuum column, the oil is being finely atomized, and special filters-activators provide for a larger area of its processing. The CMM-4D unit can be utilized for:
  • cleaning of transformer oil by removing mechanical impurities, water, and gases;
  • heating of electrical apparatuses with transformer oil in electric substation;
  • vacuum drying of transformers; and
  • vacuumizing of equipment.
The equipment is easy to operate and maintain, and it provides consistent processing parameters of insulating oil (filtration fineness is 5 microns and the purification degree is up to the 9th class of purity). The GlobeCore CMM-4D unit can be operated in the following modes:
  • oil transfer;
  • warm-up of transformer;
  • heated filtration and thermal vacuum purification of the oil; and
  • vacuumizing of equipment.
The unit is equipped with the necessary means of protection and automation that enhance the reliability of its performance. In particular it can:
  • control the oil heating temperature;
  • protect the unit heater from overheating;
  • monitor the presence of oil flow through the heater; and
  • adjust the oil heating temperature in accordance with the pre-set mode.
If you need an efficient and reliable unit for the purification and degassing of transformer oil that can also perform a number of additional useful functions, then the CMM-4D transformer degassing unit is a perfect choice! You can make a purchase order by contacting us through one of the given contacts.


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