Fuller’s Earth Transformer Oil Regeneration System


The GlobeCore CMM-R system is designed for facilities related to generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. The CMM-R mobile oil units by GlobeCore provide transformer service life extention, improve and extend performance of oil filled switches and other oil filled equipment by restoring dielectric strength and chemical composition of dielectric insulating oils. The stability of transformer oil is very important.  Oil is subjected to several degrading factors over the course of operation.  These factors such things as oxygen from the air, high temperatures, electric fields, metals and the degrdation of solid insulation material. With time, oil loses its dielectric properties and becomes unable to preform its job of providing insulation and cooling to the transformer. To avoid purchasing large quantities of new oil, and to solve the problem of disposal of old oil, GlobeCore’s mobile oil regeneration units should become part of your company’s comprehensive preventive maintenance program. The oil is regenerated by passing through a Fuller’s Earth filter medium for molecular filtration.  Contaminants and oil degradation products are trapped in the granules of the sorbent.  After sorbent saturation, the CMM-R unit automoatically switches to sorbent reactivation mode to remove contaminants from the sorbent into a special collector and charcoal filter.


Fuller’s Earth filter

The CMM-R units are highly efficient.  Regeneration of used transformer oil guarantees a significant decrease of dissipation factor to as good as new condition. GlobeCore offers both stock and customized equipment.  The stock models can be purchased directly from the company’s warehouse.  For custom options, production time is approximately 45 work days. The company’s final assembly facility is located in Oldenburg, Germany.  Commissioning of a CMM-R unit takes approximately one week. The product ships to any point in the world. Our specialists will commission and start the plant, and will train your personnel to operate the equipment.

If you are reading this, you are most likely:

  • Owner of an electric energy related company.  You don’t need regular expenses on oil disposal and purchase. You are looking for efficient solutions and stable income, not headaches.
  •     Purchase Department Manager. You need to meet the goals set by the company’s management in terms of best prices and quality and build and maintain relations with suppliers.  GlobeCore has built and maintains many ties with our partners all over the world.
  •     Service Engineer of oil filled equipment. You have seen that the samples of the oil from the transformers are far from ideal, but you need your equipment to operate smoothly and reliably. The GlobeCore CMM-R is the ideal product with service centers and spare parts readily available for support.

Does your company really need the GlobeCore CMM-R:

  •     You need a permanent solution to you oil disposal problem
  •     You want to save on purchasing new transformer oil
  •     You want regenerated oil to be fully compliant with the norms and regulations, and to extent the service life of your oil filled equipment by many years
If the answers are yes, then the GlobeCore CMM-R line is the  right choice.

Advantages of the CMM-R plants by GlobeCore:

  • The customer may order the system in one of the several designs: basic, containerized, on trailer, on three-axle trailer, and with various door configurations;
  •     The unit may be equipped with a special climate controlled operator workstation;
  •     Additional equipment for control of oil level in the transformer, a generator for independent operation, inhibitor injection section;
  • Fast production;
  • Competitive price;
  •     Qualified assistance from our engineers both before and after purchasing of the system;
  •     Component parts from the world’s leading manufacturers;
  •     Oil parameters after regeneration cothat mply with all regulations;
  •     No need for additional waste oil storage facilities;
  •      Savings on purchasing new oil and elimination of disposing of old oil;
  •     Low energy consumption; and a
  •     Fully automated process;
Questions: How much does the CMM-R extend the transformer service life? The average life of a transformer can be extended by 20-35 years. Should the oil be pumped out of the transformer for regeneration with CMM-R? No, the oil can be regenerated in the transformer which may be energized during the process. Why should I use the regeneration system if I can use the waste transformer oil in other systems with lower quality requirements? You can, but this does not solve two problems: oil disposal and transformer health. Can I use a different sorbent type? Yes you can, but only the Fuller’s Earth sorbent can be reactivated in the unit multiple times without the need to stop the regeneration process. How long does the sorbent last? The average lifetime of the sorbent is 300 reactivations, equivalent to 1.5 – 2 years of operation. Regeneration reduce the oil’s dissipation factor, but what about acidity? Acidity is also reduced to the required level. Specifications of processed oil are presented in the table.