Inline oil heaters PPM series

Inline oil heater of PPM series

Portanble oil heater unit СММ-P (Oil continuous heaters – PPM) is designed for transformer oil heating while filling and/or replacing oil, as well as drying the transformer. Oil heater CMM-P is used for mineral, industrial, turbine and other oils as well as for liquid heating. Aforementioned oils and liquids should be of less than 70 cSt kinematical viscosity at the temperature of 50°C. Oil Heater CMM-P is also used for heating of petroleum products in the petroleum refining industry, and can also be used for heating liquids of high muddiness rate (sand, slime, etc.)
Technical parameters
 PPM-18  PPM-50 PPM-70 PPM-600
 Transmission capacity for discharge supply pressure 0,2mPa, m3/h, min  1.5  3.2  4.5  30
 Liquid pressure, mPa, max     0,6
 Heating temperature, °С, max  120  70  120  150
 Maximum power consumption, kW  18  55.5  72  600
 Three-phase alternating current voltage @ 50/60 Hz, V     380/220
 Dimensions, mm, (length/width/height)  600/ 700/ 1700  1200/ 800/ 1900  1650/ 750/ 1450  2650/ 2350/ 2250
 Weight, kg  90  300  350  3600