Air dryers “Sukhoway” series

Air dryers “Sukhoway” series

The air drying plant «Sukhovey-4» is designed for air drying as well as for purification of mechanical contaminants. Air entering the plant is utilized for blowing tanks of power transformers and electrical machines during their assembling, maintenance and servicing. Blowing tanks prevent insulation of humidity if the active part is losing its sealing. Functioning mode is air drying in two separately operating adsorbers filled with synthetic sorbent to release the dry air of mechanical contaminants kept by filter.

Sukhovey-4 can be operated under ambient temperatures up to minus 20 °C. 

Technical parameters     Value
 Minimum dry air capacity, m3/min  2.5
 Max dry air dew point, °С  -50
 Max dry air pressure, MPa  0.025
 Max adsorbent load for one adsorber, kg  190
 Quantity of adsorbers  2
 Regenerating adsorbent temperature, °С  380-400
 Outlet air temperature during regeneration of other adsorbents, °С  390
 Temperature limit of dry air, °С  100
 Max air heater power, kW,  24
 Maximum power consumption, kW
 – air drying (normal operation)  5,5
 – adsorbent regeneration for one adsorber  30
 – adsorbent regeneration for two simultaneous adsorbers  55
 Three-phase alternating current voltage @ 50/60 Hz, V  380/22
 Dimensions, mm, (length/width/height)  1500/1200/2100
 Weight, kg  1300


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