Waste Oil Collection

waste oil collection

Waste oil collection. Organizing waste collection is a part of waste management that includes technical support and quality control of collection, storage and transportation.

These duties are performed by the Supply Chain Management Division  that regulates standards for collection and use of petroleum products. The standards include the conditions of collection, delivery and use. The management division also provides financial support, encouraging high-quality collection of waste oil etc.

The used oil standard is the maximum quantity of oil, collected during maintenance or repair of equipment, and is individual to the equipment, site, shop, business, organization and region.

Used oil is collected from multiple sources, both businesses and individuals. The individual source of waste oil comes from one type of equipment, and the business source comes from multiple equipment and machinery belonging to one business.

Plans for collection, delivery and use of waste oil taking the existing standards and the number of units in operation into account. Part of the oil collected, recycled and regenerated is reused by businesses and organizations for their own needs.