Useful Information from Encyclopedia. How classification helps regeneration?

Motor oil is used for lubrication of internal combustion engines. Depending on their purpose motor oils are divided into diesel oil, petrol engine oil and universal motor oils. Recently, there are also new fuel mixtures that improve the work of engines. All modern motor oils have additives in their composition that enhance their properties.

Transformer oil, as a type of motor oil, it has similar properties, classification and design. Depending on abilities to operate in different temperatures – there are summer, winter and all-season oils, each of them have their own features.

The main requirements for transformer oils are:

  • eco-friendly, by reducing poisonous waste;
  • stability to temperature and thermal oxidation, due to performance of internal coolant;
  • compatibility with  internal materials, providing cleanliness of engine parts;
  • strong oil film and long-term prevention of deterioration of internal parts;
  • anti-corrosion of parts during engine operation;
  • long service time and long aging;
  • stability during transportation and storage.

Different classifications of oils have different composition and special additives.

Known methods of regeneration (cleaning) of waste oils is treating it with strong mineral acids, separating the process onto a number of successive stages, oil reclamation by heating oil and additional stage of vacuum distillation, and many others.

The purpose of oil regeneration is to improve the quality of transformer oil and save on resources. After oil recycling and oil reclamation a lot less expensive additives are needed for adjusting oil parameters to original ones than to manufacture of a new fuel mixture.

The choice of recovery and purification methods depends on the original properties of transformer oil, production volumes and areas of application.

Various cleaning oil systems – from relatively small mobile units to complex systems of oil recycling and oil reclamation – provide unlimited selection of the most cost-effective technologies and programs.

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