Transformer Oil Service

Transformer oil service depends on the productivity and the technological level of the electric repair facility.  Today, many facilities discharge waste oil when dismantling transformers with no inspection or analysis of the oil’s condition.  Then they fill in the transformer with fresh oil after drying. Many times however, oil may be suitable for further use and needs only filter processing to restore it to its original condition. It is therefore, why more and more often energy transmission companies prefer to apply the existing and new methods of transformer oil servicing.  Dielectric insulating oil service requires the following stages to be performed:
  • fresh raw oil drying;
  • mechanical purification of fresh oil;
  • drying of oil in service;
  • mechanical purification of oil in service; and
  • restoration of oil in service also known as regeneration.
These operations may be performed using different methods and equipment with various capacities depending on the capacity of the individual repair facility. GlobeCore is in the business of producing equipment for transformer oil service and electric power transformer maintenance.  Every unit may be customized to meet the needs of the customer. The majority of the units are versatile and can perform several functions at the same time.  The technical information on each of them is given below.


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