Reactivation of industrial capacity in one cycle of hydraulic oil regeneration

Reactivation of industrial capacity in one cycle of hydraulic oil regeneration

Practically all malfunctions and failures of hydraulic systems are reated to water and solid particles in the oil. Water causes oxidation and decay of additives, which reduces the oil’s service life. Pure oil with no water does not cause corrosion of metal inside the system and reduces the chance of clogging and failures of pumps etc. Regular purification and restoration of hydraulic oil increases reliability and life time of equipment.

GlobeCore offers a wide range of innovative systems for purification, drying, cooling and reclamation of liquids. As one of the world leaders in production of oil equipment, the company offers compact, mobile and reliable solutions to the problems of aging of hydraulic oil for various hydraulic applications.

GlobeCore equipment is designed for operation with all kinds of mineral oils (except motor oils) and oil products without the need for readjustment for various oil types. The capabilities of the products include a wide range of capacities and answer all technological requirements. Mobility and other design options, exceptional efficiency and the use of state of the art designs, as well as high quality construction materials, ensure reliability  and rapid return of investment.

Filters used in oil purification equipment made by other companies cannot efficiently remove microscopic solid particles, which may constitute up to 70% of the contaminants. A complex multistage filtration process and subsequent regeneration of waste oil in GlobeCore’s plants offer high purity of the end product.

Maximum return of investment time of the process is 1.5 years. The costs of purchasing a hydraulic oil pump for regenerated oil are reimbursed after one full cycle of product regeneration.