High Vacuum Transformer Oil Degassing Plant CMM-10A (capacity 10 000 LPH)

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Degassing Plant CMM-10A (capacity 10 000 LPH)

CMM-10A Transformer Oil Degassing plants are designed for companies that have electric power transformers, measuring current transformers, input line reactors, up to 1150 kV and oil circuit breakers, as well as the companies engaged in the installation and repairing of equipment.

GlobeCore СММ-10А  degassing plants are highly versatile, as they can perform several important functions:

  • purification of transformer oils from mechanical impurities;
  • degassing of transformer oils;
  • heating of transformer oils;
  • nitriding of transformer oils;

GlobeCore equipment works with any electrical insulation oils with viscosity not exceeding 70 cSt at 50°C.

While being used the  oil accumulates mechanical impurities:  fine particles of metal, rubber, cellulose, etc. The higher is their content in oil – the lower is its dielectric strength. The presence of  gas or air bubbles in the oil also has a negative impact on its performance, reducing the breakdown voltage.

In general, the breakdown voltage of pure transformer oil is quite high (over 60 kW), but factors mentioned above create conditions for breakdowns, when dielectric liquid starts conducting electricity and can no longer perform its  insulating function – which is unacceptable, because it can lead to serious consequences: accidents occur, damaging expensive equipment, disrupting  public and industrial electrical power supply.

GlobeCore follows the principle of the so-called “preventive repair” – controlling parameters and providing maintenance of transformer oils with the help of CMM-10A  plant.

Depending on the tasks, the equipment can be used in different modes: transformer heating, oil degassing and transformer vacuuming.

GlobeCore thermal vacuum processes together with GlobeCore modern filtration technology allows oil cleaning from mechanical impurities and gases – maintaining its performance. Thus, not only the service life of oil is extended, but also the service life of an entire transformer, because the insulation system is the main part that suffers possible failures and damages.

With customer’s specifications, it is possible to manufacture customized degassing systems. Basic models are shipped directly from the warehouse. GlobeCore main production  is based in Oldenburg (Germany).

Our equipment can be shipped anywhere in the world. With our qualified specialists always ready to help  train the staff of customer’s company and to perform all the commissioned work.

Are you:

  • Director of the company  installing, repairing or operating oil-filled high-voltage equipment. Are you interested in reducing your costs on new oil and disposing of used transformer oil? Do you need new innovative solutions that work exclusively on stable profits?
  • Buyer, Supply department manager. You have to please the management by finding the best deal on price and quality and by establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with suppliers?
  • Electrical Supervisor General responsible for maintenance and repair of electrical equipment. Are you interested in normal operation and minimal breakage of the equipment  you are responsible for?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, then we are on the same page!

GlobeCore is the right choice for you.  Over the years, our company has established friendly relationships (both corporate and personal) with our customers.

Buy GlobeCore CMM-10А Transformer Oil Degassing Plant – it will help you to solve your tasks!

What do you need – to start our equipment working for you?

  • Call us or send us an email to discuss your order.
  • Our qualified personnel will offer specifications and prices and set the production time.
  • Our stuff will be happy to  meet  you at our offices.
  • Our engineers will come to you to start up the station at your enterprise.

Advantages of GlobeCore СММ-10А Transformer Oil Degassing Plant:

  • Competitive price;
  • Short delivery time;
  • Easy to operate and maintain;
  • Spare parts come  with the plant;
  • Oil is processed by thermal vacuum method;
  • Extends electrical insulating life of oil, improving  power transformers;
  • The transformer oils quality fully satisfy existing norms and standards;
  • The plant is set in frame: a metal container with locked doors, eliminating unauthorized access;
  • Uses parts produced by leading world manufacturers.
  • Saves storage space for waste oil.
  • Saves costs on buying new oil and recycling waste oil;
  • Preserves environment and energy efficient.
  • Qualified consultation of designer both before and after purchase, during the service period.

Table 1. Technical characteristics of СММ-10А Transformer Oil Degassing Plant



1 Capacity, m3/h:
– in the mode of degassing, drying and filtration


– in the mode of heating and filtration


2 Oil temperature in the mode of heating, °C


3 Outlet Pressure, MPa at least


4 Oil heater power, kW


5 Maximum consumed power, kW


6 The residual pressure, Pa, no more than


7 Height of oil delivery relative to the outlet branch pipe


8 In-leakage during vacuum-tightness test, for 1 hour, Pa, not more than:


9 Parameters of electric current:
– voltage, V


– variable with frequency, Hz


10 Dimensions, mm:
– overall length


– overall height


– overall width


11 Weight, kg


Frequently Asked Questions

about Transformer Oil Degassing Plant

1) The performance settings do not suit me. What solutions can you offer me to degas oil?

GlobeCore offers  customized solutions. Our design department is always ready to offer the best solutions.

2) What if I need to install another design of the Transformer Oil Degassing Plant?

At your request GlobeCore can produce a plant in a stationary (in a container, on a frame, under a tent) and mobile/portable (wheeled, on a trailer).

3) What parameters of transformer oil  I can obtain after processing it with СММ-10А equipment?

Parameters of the processed oil depend on its initial state. If the initial volumetric gas content not exceeding 10.5% and mass moisture content more than 100 g/t and oil temperature not lower than 0°C, at the outlet – obtainable oil will have  volumetric gas content not exceeding 0.1%, mass moisture content not more  5 g/t and with industrial purity class 9  ISO 4406.

4) How long does it take to produce an individual order?

The production of an individual order doesn’t exceed 45 days.

5) What is the warranty period?

Generally, the warranty period does not exceed 12 months.