Manufacturers of Industrial Oil

The variety of industrial oil brands in the market can be staggering. Sometimes it is difficult to select the required product and the selection based purely on the reputation of the producer. This requires constant monitoring of the situation in the market. This article strives review most of the manufacturers of industrial oil. ConocoPhillips is based in the United States. It was founded in 2002 after merging of Phillips Petroleum Company and Conoco Inc. Beside lubrication mateirlas, the company also makes motor oils for cars and trucks. An interesting fact is the ConocoPhillips uses  regnerated used industrial oil as raw material for production. ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH, based in Germany, was founded in 1936. The company mostly develops and manufactures industrial and motor oil. The products of this company are used in Germany’s railroads, postal service and in vehicles of the military forces. ENI (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi) company is based in Italy. It was founded in 1953. The first company’s president was Enrico Mattei. At this time, ENI manufactures and sells lubrication oil in over 70 countries.  The oils of this company are used by the leading Formula-1 racing teams. The main office of ALPET Altinbas Holding is in Turkey. The company began production of lubrication materials in 2005. Aral is a leading German oil refinery concern, founded in 1898. It owns a gas station and associated store chain.   It offers fuel wholesale and produces lubrication materials.  The latter was started by the company in 1929. ARECA Durand Production is based in France. After its foundation in 1986, the company focused on production of a wide range of lubrication material and operating fluids.  About 25% of the company’s products are exported from the EU into East Europe, Asia and Africa. The history of CASTROL BP Group began in the late 19th century in 1899.  It was then the company was founded in England by Charles Wakefield.  The name of the company was derived from the process which he developed ten years later.  It was the first mix of mineral and castor oil that resulted in a new new product that Mr. Wakefield called Castrol.  The main focus of the company is on motor oils, but the company also other types of oils for a wide variety of purposes. ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical recently entered the market after a merger between Exxon and Mobile.  Exxon, previously marketed as Esso in the USA was originally found by J. D. Rockefeller under the name “Standard Oil of New Jersey.” In 1931 Vacuum oil Company (1899) and Standart Oil of New Jersey (1882) merged.  They later were broken up by the United States Government as part of U. S. Anti-Trust enforcement and Esso and Mobile became separate companies.  The re-merger of Exxon and Mobile has not been challenged under the American anti-trust laws at this time.  The company offers motor oils and lubrication materials. Petro-Canada Lubricants is one of the largest Canadian oil product manufacturers and suppliers.  This company now combines successful gas and oil development and production with production of lubrication materials, liquids and greases.  The main manufacturing facility is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH was founded in Germany in 1946. It makes both traditional and synthetic lubricants. Shell Lubricants is by right the world leader in the market of lubricant materials with exports to over 120 countries.  Shell manufactures and supplies a full range of lubrication materials for any equipment. It is believed that 13% of the world’s lubrication material market belongs to Shell Lubricants products. Statoil ASA is a Norwegian producer and supplier of industrial oil.  The company was started in 1972 and the main office is located in Stavanger, Norway.  Curiously, a majority of the controlling shares was bought by local Norwegian government after the privatization in 2002. Texaco started in 1902. Lubricant production began in 1912. Texaco was taken over by Chevron in 2001, but was forced to return to its former name in 2005. VENOL GmbH is based in Ladbergen, Germany, and is relatively young, being founded in 2002. The main specialization of the company is production of vehicle oriented products. ZIC SK Energy is a South Korean company. It was started in 1962. This company was the first in the country to specialize on oil processing. It is now the leader in production of lubricants and other oil products in the Republic of Korea.


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