Industrial Oil I-30

Industrial oil I-30 is a general purpose oil.  It is made from sweet or sour crude using a selective purification process.  This oil contains no additional additives.  It is mostly used as hydraulic fluid in presses, lathes, and automatic lines.  It is also used for lubrication of gears, slide rails and rollers in machines that do not require special types of oil.  If the oil must be changed immediately, and there is no I-30A at hand, it is possible to replace it with IGP-30. The I-30A oil shows good oxidation stability, de-emulsification and performance in the range of -5ºС/+23ºF to +70ºС/+158ºF in long term use.  During operation industrial oils accumulate various contaminants and oxidation products.  They have a negative impact on the performance of the lubricating oil.  If this happens, the oil should either be changed or regenerated for further use.  The seond option seems more economically viable becaise it will save money by avoiding the need to purchase new industrial oil and it will extend the service life of the existing oil. The main question is how to choose the equipment for regeneration of industrial oil. The methods used are divided into several groups: physical, combined physical and chemical and chemical.  Each method has advantages along with drawbacks.  That is why there is a need for equipment combining several of the various methods that compensate for the shortfalls of one methid with the advantages of another method. One of the practical solutions are the versatile GlobeCore mobile oil purification units СММ-3.5CM.  They remove particulate matter and water from lubrication oil with viscosity of up to 70 cSt, at 50ºС/122ºF.  These units are built for use during the installation, servicing, and operation of oil filled equipment. The GlobeCore CMM-3.5CM line of oil processing equipment uses a combination of methods to purify oil using sorbents. The latter, when saturated, can be regenerated directly in the unit.  The units can operate in one of several different modes: pumping the oil, drying the oil by sorbent and drying the sorbent. Using the CMM-3.5CM units significantly extends the service life of industrial oil and saves money on purchasing new oil.


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