Household heating oil

The issue of inexpensive heating of small structures, like country houses, is very important. Despite the decline in oil prices, the products that are made from it are still expensive. The solution is to use alternative sources, or buy oil products at low price. In this article we will talk about the latter, an inexpensive oil product, more specifically: heating oil.

Hydrocarbons in the heating oil have a higher heat-producing capacity than kerosene hydrocarbons or dry gas fuel. Their transportation is cheaper, it doesn’t need pressure equipment. The other benefits of heating oil are:

  • Reduction of fire or explosion risk in comparison with petroleum oil;
  • No pre-heating before using in combustion chamber
  • Chemically simpler and environmentally cleaner.

These factors lead to a wide use of heating oil for household needs. This oil product is also used in light and heavy industry, but to a lesser extent.

Among the particularly important operating parameters of heating oil are flash point and pour point.

Flash point is the minimum temperature at which the fuel vapor can form flammable mixture with air. For heating oil it is the point of vapors escaping from the reservoir and inflaming.

Pour point is the temperature at which certain components of the fuel freeze. It determines the ability of oil to flow at low temperatures.