GlobeCore Presents Its Equipment in Kyrgyzstan

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7th to 11th December, 2015 GlobeCore representatives visited Kyrgyzstan (the cities of Bishkek and Osh).

The main purpose of the visit – was presentation of equipment produced by the Company, as well as establishing new and strengthening  existing business contacts.

During the events representatives of the electric power industry of Kyrgyzstan had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with  regeneration units for transformer oil, such as: CMM-R and UVR, CMM degassing unit, Mojave Heat Hot Air drying unit and others. The second part of the presentations included regeneration of  provided samples of transformer oil on the laboratory model of the UVR unit.

Particular attention was paid to the technology of regenerating insulating oil as one of the most promising ways to improve  reliability and extend  service life of power transformers. As a solution to this problem, GlobeCore offers a unique technology using a special sorbent (Fuller’s earth). What’s important is that the sorbent can restore its properties (reactivate) directly in the regeneration equipment. Thus, you don’t need to pause for restocking and replacement of Fuller’s earth, thereby reducing standby time.

The CMM-R unit can process transformer oil directly in the transformer. Herewith the transformer can be both : connected or disconnected to electricity.

GlobeCore oil regeneration technologies achieve  following targets:

  • protect transformer’s hard insulation;
  • restore operational properties of transformer oil to its original conditions;
  • reduce operating costs (a single operator is enough to control the unit);
  • increase reliability and extend service life of  power transformers;
  • reduce  expenses for disposal of waste and purchase of new oil; and
  • increase the dielectric strength of oil.

GlobeCore Presents Its Equipment in Kyrgyzstan

Table 1 shows  results of physico-chemical analysis of transformer oil processed on  regeneration  unit (a laboratory UVR model).

Table 1

The results of physico-chemical analysis of transformer oil processed on  regeneration  unit (a laboratory UVR model).




Rated ValuesOil Analysis Results
for clean dry oilfor used oilbefore regenerationafter regeneration
1Dielectric strength not less, 15-35 kV30251040
2Effects of the aqueous extractneutral0,030,077neutral
3Acid number, mg KOH/g0,050,250,260,01
4Flash point, ºС135135153150
6Mechanical impuritiesabsentabsentabsent
7Moisture content, g/tabsentabsent106,711,4

The laboratory, that conducted the analysis, recognized the processed transformer oil operable and acceptable for further use in accordance with   regulations of the Kyrgyz Republic.

It should be noted that the obtained oil parameters are not the best result that can be achieved using  GlobeCore regeneration units. With laboratory unit having limited capacities. Using commercial units, the parameters of processed oil can be improved even more. However, even laboratory equipment shows a huge potential of  regenerative technologies.

GlobeCore is grateful to Kyrgyz colleagues for their help in organizing presentations and  interest shown towards our equipment.

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