GlobeCore Employees Share Experiences with Representatives of the United Arab Emirates Electric Power Industry

At the end of 2014, GlobeCore employees visited Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. A range of seminars were held for the representatives of service centers, power companies and transformer manufacturers.  During these seminars a comparison was made between the advanced technology of GlobeCore equipment and similar equipment currently used in the UAE. The ability of GlobeCore equipment to be mounted into existing machinery was of particular interest o attendees.  At the end of the seminar, it was established that existing equipment, used for power transformer maintenance in the UAE is obsolete compared to that available from GlobeCore. GlobeCore equipment, such as the Fuller’s Earth regeneration system with automatic sorbent reactivation mode and moisture freezing in the transformer’s solid insulation, have no equals in the industry.  GlobeCore units designated as CMM-R, CMM, Iney and Sukhovey were of the greatest interest to the representatives that attended the conferences. When the seminars were finished, some of the representatives  placed orders to buy GlobeCore equipment.


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