GlobeCore degassing units: the best solution for transformer oil processing

Transformer oil contains up to 10% air (by volume) at atmospheric pressure. This significantly accelerates its oxidation and reduces dielectric strength. Therefore, the oil in large transformers must be degassed. Before putting the oil into the transformer, the residual gas content must be brought to less than 0.1% volume.

The CMM-4/7 by GlobeCore is designed for degassing, used oil removal of solid particles and heating of transformer oil in power transformer with voltages up to 1150 kV.

This product is used by transformer installation, maintenance and repair facilities, as well as transformer oil service facilities.

Principles of operation

The CMM-4/7 operates on the principle of thermal and vacuum degassing and drying of transformer oil without used oil removal, eliminating the need for centrifuges and special sorbents.

Oil is filtered by 5 µm filters. Using both processes allows to bring processed oil to the following speicifcations:

  • weight moisture content – 5 g/t;
  • nominal filtration – 5 µm;
  • gas content by volume – 0,1%;
  • dielectric strength – 70 kV.


  • no harmful emissions or waste requiring special disposal or storage;
  • small footprint;
  • mobility and onsite use;
  • simple design, easy servicing and operation;
  • foam control system;
  • oil paper insulation drying;
  • GSM-module for remote control of the unit’s operation;
  • outstanding results after even one pass of the oil through the unit;
  • low energy consumption;
  • low noise emissions.




1. Capacity, m3/hour, not less than
–      degassing drying and filtration mode


– heating and filtration mode


2. Capacity adjustment range, m3/hour


3. Max oil output temperature in heating mode, ºС


4. Filtration rate


5. Outlet pressure, MPa


6. Oil output head relative to inlet, n


7. Electric oil heater power, kW


8. Oil heater mean surface power, W/cm2, max


9. Max power consumption, kW, max


10. Power supply
– voltage, V


– frequency, Hz


11. Dimensions, mm
– length


– height


– width


12. Weight, kg, max


Client benefits from purchasing the used oil recycling unit:

  1. Flowing degassed and purified transformer oil without used oil removal.
  2. Transformer oil heating capability — without used oil removal.
  3. Ability to heat oil filled electrical equipment with hot oil — we created new heating system globe core.
  4. Transformer vacuumizing capability.
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