A transformer degassing plant successfully commissioned in Pakistan

In February this year a CMM-10-10M oil degassing plant was successfully supplied and commissioned. The unit also removed solid particles from the oil and heats it.The order came from one of Pakistan’s electric energy companies. This country’s population ranks sixth in the world. A significant amount of transformers are engaged in energy distribution and consumption, therefore the issue of transformer oil regeneration is quite important in Pakistan. The choice was made in favor of equipment made by GlobeCore, which has already built a name for itself in the world market. It should be noted that an identical plant was commissioned in Saudi Arabia the same month. Some of the advantages of CMM-10-10M, which make it perfect for electric energy industry, are:
  • transformer oil is processed by heat and vacuum in one cycle;
  • regeneration of oil with this plant can extend its life time significantly;
  • the plant may be optionally configured as stationary unit (container, frame or tent) or mobile (on castor wheels or trailer);
  • the plant is quite simple and easty to operate.


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